Bogor Jungle Water Adventure in South Bogor Sub-District

Waterpark or Water Boom always satisfies everyone’s need when it comes to family recreation and relaxation. In Bogor City, for example, tourists can find Bogor Jungle Water Adventure. The location is in Mulyaharja Village and it belongs to South Bogor Sub-District, Indonesia. In a nutshell, it is a complex of water rides and features amazing facilities for tourists to enjoy. Another reason that makes it popular among travelers is the location, which is near to big cities like Bandung and Jakarta. No wonder, people keep coming to the site especially on the weekends and holidays.

The Nuance
As tourists may expect, many water rides reside in this site including slides and pools. Well, there are other facilities as well including a golf court, hotel, and much more. What is more? The waterpark is located within a house-complex of Nirwana Residence. This explains why the site is never lacking visitors, as nearby residents can access it easily. Aside from excellent facilities and strategic location, the site has other plus points including professional services of the keeper and clean environment. No wonder, visitors would feel content and spend hours there.

Exploring Bogor Jungle Water Adventure
As mentioned before, tourists can find various types of water rides in Bogor Jungle Water Adventure. For example, there is Kawah (Crater) Ratu. This artificial crater emits warm and comfortable water, which is suitable for relaxation and reflexology. It also features two ponds, one for the kids and another for adults. Aside from this artificial crater, other favorite water rides include the leisure pool. The depth is moderate so it is suitable for teenagers and adults. Here is the unique thing. Tourists may find a small café in the midst of this pool!

For those who look for a more challenging fun, they can go to the next water ride called racer slide. This waterslide has the height of 8 meters and it features 4 slide tracks as well. The thing is that tourists should follow the instruction given by the operator for the sake of safety. For kids or those who look for a more comfortable experience, though, they can simply use the kiddy pool. Many types of fun facilities are available in this pool including the mini-slide, water cannon, etc.

Another popular water ride that tourists can enjoy is the wave pool! As the name suggests, this one features artificial waves so it feels like being on the beach or shoreline. From this pool, tourists can even see a breathtaking view of mountains, including Salak and Gede Pangrangro. Overall, make sure to try them all.

Nearby Attractions

  • Batu Tulis Inscription
  • The Jungle Fest Amusement Park
  • Bogor Mini Zoo
  • Golden Aquaria

How to Get There
From Jakarta City, tourists’ main destination is none other than Bogor City. Next, they can simply visit South Bogor Sub-District and head to Mulyaharja Village where the waterpark resides. The whole trip may take around 1 hour and 5 minutes, as the distance is 59 km actually. It can be faster if tourists take Jagorawi Freeway.

Where to Stay

  • Cyber Villa
  • Nirwana Villa
  • Padjajaran Resort
  • RedDoorz

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