Cikaracak Waterfall in Caringin Sub-District, Bogor City

Not all travelers are aware of Cikaracak Waterfall of Bogor City. Perhaps only the locals who often visit this majestic natural attraction, no? Therefore, those who visit Bogor should take the opportunity to visit it in the next holiday. The location is in Tangkil Cinagara Village and it belongs to Caringin Sub-District. The main allure is the challenging landscape, which requires an effort to get to the site. It is because the waterfall resides at the foot of Gede Pangrangro Mountain. No wonder, most visitors are those who love trekking and natural exploration.

The Nuance
The height of Cikaracak Waterfall is about 40-50 meters, which is considered grandiose. No wonder, the water discharge is strong and makes a loud noise. The next impressive fact is that the waterfall is located between two bushy cliffs and has big stones scattered below it. Other amusing natural features include bushes, forest, and local farms! One thing, no parking area is available so tourists should park the vehicle on villagers’ yard. As for the natural pond, the size is small which is not recommended for swimming. It is also because the water discharge is too strong there.

Exploring Cikaracak Waterfall
Once parking the vehicle at Tangkil Cinagara Village, tourists can go trekking to Cikaracak Waterfall right away. The first obstacle is the small gutter located on the right side of the route. Next, tourists may reach a paddy fields area and they should walk on the narrow dike as well. Thus, it is important to walk carefully and wear comfortable footwear. The good thing is that tourists are able to watch stunning panorama including hills, a small river, and open local farms. Not to mention they are allowed to rest and play water for a while in such river.

After passing through local plantations, tourists may find big shady trees and steeper rocky landscape. At this point, they may spend much stamina for trekking without a doubt. Once they hear the sound of gurgling water, meaning they have arrived at the location. The waterfall looks peaceful surrounded by the pristine environment. Even the water is fresh enough to drink. Usually, visitors would get in right away in the natural pond and take a bath in it right away.

For others, Cikaracak Waterfall becomes a perfect place to relax and find peace though. They don’t do anything but sitting on the stone and listening to the soothing sound of gurgling water. Even the presence of lush trees makes the site more comfortable for relaxation. In this case, do not forget to capture some good pictures as well during the visit.

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How to Get There
From Jakarta City, tourists can simply head to Bogor City and head to Caringin Sub-District afterward. Lastly, they only need to get to Tangkil Cinagara Village and park their vehicle. Even though it involves trekking, it won’t take much time to get to the site. The whole trip may take around 1 hour and 32 minutes, as the distance is 71 km actually.

Where to Stay

  • Santa Monica Hotel
  • Lembur Pancawati Hotel
  • Taman Bukit Palem Hotel
  • Kinasih Resort

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