Saderi Waterfall in Pamijahan Sub-District, Bogor City

Pamijahan Sub-District of Bogor City is known for several beautiful waterfalls, including the one called Saderi. The location is in Ciasmara Village and it has a nice landscape to enjoy fun activities like relaxation, photography, taking a bath, and exploring Indonesia. Aside from that, the waterfall has a nice accessibility so everyone is able to get to the location without hassles. From Parabakti Market, they can simply conduct trekking to the waterfall. There is no parking fee as tourists can park their vehicle in a villager’s house. They need to pay the entrance fee, though.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Saderi Waterfall offers a mountainous atmosphere so it feels so cool and refreshing on site. Not to mention big stones, bushes, and several shady trees surround it! The most impressive thing is definitely the size of the waterfall, featuring the height of approximately 50 meters! On top of that, the site is surrounded by a forest and Saderi gets the water from a natural spring located in Halimun Mountain. One thing, the landscape is mossy so tourists must walk carefully when exploring the site as it becomes quite slippery sometimes.

Exploring Saderi Waterfall
The most common activity to do in Saderi Waterfall is refreshing or recreation. That means tourists may spend some time relaxing on the site and get rid of stresses there. Thanks to the location. The nuance of Indonesia’s forest helps visitors to find peace, for sure. Not only it has a refreshing atmosphere, the site features a big waterfall with its strong water discharge. By watching it and listening to the sound of gurgling water, everyone needs nothing else to relax.

The next popular activity is none other than photography. Those who love to collect pictures of nature can satisfy their hobby here. The best object to capture is definitely the waterfall. Though, the shady trees that surround the site also become a nice background for selfies. For those who do not like photography, they can enjoy other activities especially taking a bath or swimming. It is true Saderi Waterfall features lots of stones but remains suitable for playing water. There is even a small pond located below the waterfall, used for bathing and swimming. It has the depth of 1.5 meters and the water feels quite refreshing, too.

What is next? Some people also enjoy a massage therapy here. That means they may sit under the waterfall let their body hit by the water discharge. Somehow, it helps to strengthen the body and enhance blood circulation.

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How to Get There
From Jakarta City, a trip to Saderi Waterfall takes about 2 hours and 22 minutes as the distance is 86.3 km. The first destination is Bogor City. Next, they should head to Pamijahan Sub-District and reach Ciasmara Village right away. From there, it involves a short trekking to get to the waterfall as well. Here is the tip. Tourists should take Jagorawi Freeway for a faster trip.

Where to Stay

  • Pupua Farm Villa
  • De Salak Homestay
  • Javanna Spa
  • Bersama Hotel

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