Seribu Waterfall in Pamijahan Sub-District, Bogor City

Not all Indonesian travelers are aware of the presence of Seribu Waterfall in Bogor City. Well, it is because the region owns tons of stunning waterfalls that scatter in different sub-districts. As for this one, the location is in Gunung Sari Village and it belongs to Pamijahan Sub-District. It is the part of Bunder Mountain, so the site offers soothing air and excellent panorama! Some locals even say that the waterfall emits a mystical but exotic atmosphere. Knowing this fact, tourists are able to get interesting urban stories related to the site from the locals aside from enjoying the ambiance during the visit in Indonesia.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, tourists may feel the mystical nuance once arriving at Seribu Waterfall. It is because the site is surrounded by shady trees and lush bushes! Plus, the presence of fog makes the atmosphere looks creepier. Here is the important information. Tourists should pay the ticket fee before entering the location. From the entrance, they may need to spend some to conduct trekking to the site, as well. The route features a steep rocky landscape, so everyone should be careful during trekking. The good thing is that they can witness flawless nature while heading to the site.

Exploring Seribu Waterfall
Some people may ask regarding the types of activities that they can do in Seribu Waterfall. Well, it is as simple as trekking. After all, everyone should go trekking in order to get to the location. Even though the route is rocky and steep, it is considered safe for everyone (even beginners). The best way to get rid of tiredness during trekking is to witness the panorama of nature. Moreover, several natural springs can be found along the way. Make sure to wash face or drink the fresh water before continuing the trip, though.

For the information, such trekking may take about 40 minutes. Not only tourists can watch beautiful panorama during the trip, but they may meet several wild monkeys as well. Some of these animals are quite shy to human, though. Once getting near to the site, visitors would hear the sound of gurgling water right away. Somehow, a mystical nuance welcomes them due to the presence of big trees and nearby valleys.

Seribu Waterfall has strong water discharge so it is not suitable for swimming or taking a bath. As an alternative, tourists can enjoy photography and sightseeing on the site. The good thing is that they can find a nearby coffee stand managed by villagers. Don’t forget to drink such warm beverage, therefore.

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How to Get There
A trip to Seribu Waterfall may take about 2 hours and 12 minutes from Jakarta City. It is because the distance is 86.2 km, but becomes faster if they take Jagorawi Freeway. The first thing to do is to get to Bogor City. Next, they should head to Pamijahan Sub-District and visit Gunung Sari Village where the entrance resides. Once buying the ticket, the last thing to do is to conduct trekking to the site.

Where to Stay

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