Kapur Mountain in Nunggal Sub-District, Bogor City

Kapur (Limestone) Mountain has been included in the list of the best vacation destinations in Indonesia, exactly Bogor City. Not only tourists can explore the site freely, but they can also take advantage of the beautiful panorama for relaxation. Where is it, actually? The location is in Klapanunggal Village and it belongs to Nunggal Sub-District. As the name suggests, the mountain becomes a significant limestone mining site in the region. The commodity is quite useful in creating cement, after all. The thing is that tourists won’t see any mining activity anymore, as the local government decided to stop it.

The Nuance
Due to mining activity in the past, tourists may see the reminiscence of it. No wonder, the landscape is uneven but it becomes a nice background for photography. Aside from dry sands and limestone, the mountain also features several basins looking like caves. Not to mention visitors may find a beautiful waterfall on the site, despite the low current. Overall, the mountain looks unique and can be a distinct location to enjoy photography and exploration. As long as tourists come during a good weather, they would experience a wonderful vacation without a doubt.

Exploring Kapur Mountain
As mentioned before, the shape of Kapur Mountain is uneven due to the past mining activity. It is not a bad thing for tourists, though. Instead, such rocky landscape appears more attractive to tourists (especially for photography). Here is the question, how can people get to the site? Commonly, visitors may take a motorcycle but some of them prefer to ride a bicycle especially those who live in Nunggal Sub-District. Bicycling gives them a better experience and sensation, as they can enjoy the atmosphere to the heart’s content.

When it comes to the most common activity to do in Kapur Mountain, it would be photography. It is because tourists want to collect some good photos of nature. Not to mention they can take selfies in front of such rocky background. Here is a surprising fact. Some locals often take advantage of the site as their pre-wedding photo venue! Thanks to the unique panorama and amazing background.

What is more? Kapur Mountain is also known as the home of a secluded waterfall. It is true that tourists need to give some effort to get to the location. The height is only 3 meters and it is suitable for taking pictures, too. Well, knowing the potential of this mountain, travelers keep coming to the site over time regardless of from where they come. It is good news for Bogor City as the number of tourists increases due to the presence of Kapur Mountain, no?

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Jakarta City, in Indonesia, a trip to Kapur Mountain may spend about 1 hour and 4 minutes as the distance is 43 km. The first thing to do is to visit Bogor City and head to Nunggal Sub-District afterward. Next, they can simply reach Klapanunggal Village and conduct trekking to the mountain. Have no worries. The whole trip becomes faster if they take Jagorawi Freeway.

Where to Stay

  • Primein Hotel
  • DCabin Mekarsari
  • Genggong Dua Hotel
  • Lodge Hotel

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