Nusantara Flower Garden in Sukaresmi Sub-District, West Java Province Nusantara Flower Garden in Sukaresmi Sub-District, West Java Province

Nusantara Flower Garden in Sukaresmi Sub-District, West Java Province

Just because Bogor Botanical Garden is the most popular tourist attraction in the region, doesn’t mean it is the only option for travelers to visit during holidays. Here is another choice. The name is Nusantara Flower Garden (Indonesian: Taman Bunga Nusanatara) and it resides in Kawungluwuk Village of Sukaresmi Sub-District. Even though it is part of Bogor’s Puncak Tourist Site, the park belongs to Cianjur Regency. Thus, it is quite reachable for those who live either in Bogor or Cianjur. Not only the park becomes a perfect place for relaxation, but it also becomes an educative facility and government’s site to cultivate rare plants and flowers!

The Nuance
As people may expect, Nusantara Flower Garden features beautiful plants, bushes, and several trees. The most impressive thing is that the keepers have managed the site in a beautiful way. No wonder, the landscape is neat and unique. Even the grasses look smooth and soothing! Perhaps, the most interesting feature of this park is the customized-bushes having the shape of the head of a peacock. This feature often becomes an object of photography and background for take a selfie, as well. What is more? Tourists can see stunning panorama on the horizon including mountains and farms!

Exploring Nusantara Flower Garden
The first thing that tourists should know regarding Nusantara Flower Garden is to learn the history. The important person who introduced the concept of this park was Miss Dani Bustanil Arifin in 1992 back then. She was the leader National Flowers Foundation at the time. She and the members of this foundation wanted to create a significant agro-tourism asset so they decided to build the park! The main purpose is to create another important vacation destination that may attract both locals and outsiders.

Once introduced to the public, Nusantara Flower Garden became more popular as the time went by. No wonder, the number of visitors is increasing over time. In fact, it was once used as a place to commemorate the 50th national Independence Day. So, what can tourists do on site? It is as simple as witnessing beautiful flowers and enjoying the relaxing nuance. Also, the presence of Green House makes the park more interesting for everyone to explore.

After paying the entrance fee, tourists may see various types of flowers growing on the park. Not to mention a miniature of peacock welcomes them, which is made of flowers and bushes. It has the height of 5 meters and becomes a perfect background for photography. From that spot, tourists can explore all parts of the park including the Green House, Japanese Park, Sub-Tropical Park, and a café!

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How to Get There
A trip to Nusantara Flower Garden takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes from Jakarta City, as the distance is 93.6 km. Tourists’ first destination is either Bogor City or Cianjur Regency. Next, they should head to Sukaresmi Sub-District and reach to Kawungluwuk Village. For the information, this trip becomes faster if they take Jagorawi Freeway and Ciawi – Cianjur Street.

Where to Stay

  • Java Highland Resort
  • Picnic Hotel
  • Aryaduta Puncak Resort Villa

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