Parahyangan Temple in Tamansari Sub-District, Bogor City

What comes to tourists’ mind when they hear a vacation destination like Bogor City? Well, most of them may think about natural attractions like mountains and waterfalls, no? The thing is that Bogor also owns a historical and holy place like Parahyangan Temple which is located in Sukajadi Village. In terms of region, it belongs to Tamansari Sub-District in Indonesia.  Even though it is the part of Puncak Tourist Site, the temple is located in a secluded area so it is suitable for relaxation and eradicating stresses. Somehow, tourists also take advantage of the site to enjoy photography.

The Nuance
To be exact, Parahyangan Shrine is part of Salak Mountain and it has been used as a worship place for Hindu People. Some people even say that it is the biggest shrine in Java Island and the second biggest one in Indonesia after Bali’s Besakih. The structure was built on an area of 2.5 hectares and it resides on the slope of the mountain. In terms of nuance, the shrine features a beautiful park and numerous types of plants. Not to mention the panorama looks so breathtaking there!

Exploring Parahyangan Temple
When it comes to history, Parahyangan Shrine was built in 1995. The purpose is to accommodate Hindu People in conducting religious rituals like Siwa Ratri Ceremony. These days, though, the site has become a new vacation for tourists as well. Thanks to the amazing nuance and beautiful scenery. This explains why the majority of visitors come to the shrine to enjoy relaxation and sightseeing. The green landscape and pure refreshing air become a perfect combination, for sure. Somehow, it helps them to get rid of stresses as well.

Like other holy places, Parahyangan Shrine is considered sacred so tourists should obey any available rules when visiting the site. For example, girls or women are not allowed to enter the shrine during their period. The next common rule is that visitors must wear clean and neat clothes when visiting the shrine. That means they are not allowed to wear disrespectful clothes like shorts and flip-flops. Actually, the keepers may provide a Sarong for tourists to wear before entering the shrine as well. Not to mention they give a yellow belt to visitors as the sign that tourists have fulfilled the requirement in entering such sacred site.

Once passing the yard, tourists may find three main entrances of the shrine featuring various beautiful carvings and statues. On the horizon, a view of Salak Mountain can be seen clearly as well. The next part of the shrine is called Jaba Jero, featuring a green grassy landscape and several halls used for relaxation and meditation. Another part is called Utama Mandala, but only Hindu People who conduct worshipping are allowed to enter it!

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How to Get There
In order to reach Parahyangan Shrine, tourists should head to Bogor City right away. If they come from Jakarta City in Jakarta, the trip may take around 1 hour and 22 minutes as the distance is 66.4 km. Once arriving at Bogor, they can directly head to Tamansari Sub-District and visit Sukajadi Village. Also, it involves a short trekking to get to the shrine. The trip even becomes faster if they take Jagorawi Freeway!

Where to Stay

  • Highlander Resort
  • Aryaduta Lido Hotel
  • Nangka Hotel

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