Cisadane Rafting in Caringin Sub-District, Bogor City

A fun and challenging outdoor activity like rafting never bore tourists, especially those who adventure. One thing that determines the satisfaction is indeed the location where tourists conduct the activity. As for the reference, there is one called Cisadane Rafting in Bogor City. The location is in Cimande Hilir Village and it belongs to Caringin Sub-District, actually. Also, as the name suggests, the activity takes place in Cisadane River. The good thing is that the location is near to big cities like Jakarta and Bogor. This explains why the site is always crowded.

The Nuance
For the information, Cisadane River gets the water from the natural spring of Pangrango Mountain. No wonder, it feels quite refreshing and looks alluring. In terms of strength, the river has a moderate level of current (which is suitable for rafting). The river also features big rocks, which become natural obstacles during rafting. Have no worries. With the help of an instructor, everyone is able to avoid those stones easily. The next impressive feature is the views of nature including green hills and local farms! Here is the good news. Tourists can find about 5 spots to conduct rafting in Cisadane River, featuring a different difficulty and length.

Exploring Cisadane Rafting
The only reason to visit Cisadane River is definitely to enjoy rafting. However, some instructors often offer another fun activity for tourists to do. It is none other than jumping to the river from the nearby bridge. The deep of the river is 3 meters, so it is considered safe to do such activity. Somehow, it takes some guts to do so and only adults are interested to jump freely like that. Actually, kids are allowed to jump due to the supervision of the instructor on site.

What is next? It is the time for the main activity, which is rafting. The first consideration is that tourists must choose the right rafting spot. As mentioned before, there are 5 of them featuring the different strength of current as well. For first-timers, they must talk to the instructor first regarding the most suitable level for them. Also, it is important to listen to the instruction regarding rafting safety and tips from the instructor!

Once passing through the bumpy condition of the river, tourists may meet the last route where a 3-meters dam resides. On this site, they can take pictures and enjoy relaxation before heading back to their hotel. Thus, it is recommended to carry a smartphone or camera during the visit later. As for another tip, it is recommended to come with friends or families for a merrier atmosphere.

Nearby Attractions

  • Caringin Market
  • Mia Mia Rafting
  • Javanony Organic Garden

How to Get There
The distance between Jakarta City and Cisadane Rafting Center is approximately 63.2 km. That means tourists need to spend about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the site. It can even be faster if they take Jagorawi Freeway. Their first destination is Bogor City. Next, they should directly head to Caringin Sub-District and visit Cimande Hilir Village.

Where to Stay

  • Panorama I Hotel
  • Grand Pesona Hotel
  • Kinasih Resort
  • Caringin Villa

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