Rumah Pohon in Jonggol Sub-District, Bogor City

Tourists always look for a new place to explore when a long holiday is coming near. Well, in this case, they should know the presence of Rumah Pohon (Tree House Park) in Bogor City. The location is in Cibodas Village and it belongs to Jonggol Sub-District. Also, it resides at the entrance of a stunning waterfall called Ciherang. As tourists may expect, there is a wooden house built on a big tree used for sightseeing and photography. Despite the height, the site is safe for tourists to explore! Some tourists even take advantage of this site as a height phobia therapy!

The Nuance
The size of the tree house is moderate, so it can accommodate several people at once. Another impressive feature is the presence of wooden suspension bridge, used for exploration. Not to mention the site is built on a cliff, so tourists can witness a wonderful panorama there including the steep valley. This explains why almost all visitors may carry a camera to capture amazing photos during the visit. Some others prefer to enjoy the nuance instead of exploring the site, though.

Exploring Rumah Pohon
The question is what people can do in Rumah Pohon. Most tourists come to the site to enjoy sightseeing, actually. Thanks to the height. The panorama looks breathtaking up there, even though some people find it scary. Somehow, some people take advantage of the height in order to soothe their phobia! That means it helps them to take care of their fear of height gradually. Have no worries. Rumah Pohon is sturdy and safe, so everyone can explore it without worries.

The next popular activity to do in Rumah Pohon is definitely photography. It is as simple as taking pictures of the panorama from above and taking selfie there. Perhaps, the best spot to take photos is the wooden suspension bridge. One thing, the wind becomes too strong sometimes, so everyone should be careful. After collecting some photos, it is recommended to post them on social media sites to increase the popularity of the tree house. It is the most efficient way to promote this unique tourist attraction, after all.

Another allure of Rumah Pohon is the presence of a nearby waterfall. In order to reach this serene waterfall, though, tourists need to pass through the suspension bridge first. The site is surrounded by rocky landscape and lush trees, so it looks so amazing. Not to mention the water is fresh and crystal clear so tourists can wash their face, hands, and feet comfortably there. 

Nearby Attractions

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  • Cilandak Waterfall
  • Citiis Waterfall
  • Cilutung Waterfall

How to Get There
For those coming from Jakarta City, they at least need to spend about 1 hour and 41 minutes in order to reach Rumah Pohon. The distance is 54.9 km, after all. Well, the trip becomes faster if they take Raya Jonggol – Cileungsi Village, though. The first destination is Jonggol Sub-District in Bogor City. Next, they only need to go to Cibodas Village where Rumah Pohon resides.

Where to Stay

  • Dayeuh Hotel
  • Hejo Hotel
  • Camptwo Hotel
  • Prapatan Hotel
  • Mutiara Hotel

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