Cilember Waterfall in Megamendung Sub-District, Bogor City

It is not surprising that many nature lovers keep coming to Bogor City. Well, the reason is that they can find various types of natural attractions there including Cilember Waterfall of Megamendung Sub-District. The location is considered crowded since it is part of Puncak Tourist Site and it has become an official vacation destination in Bogor as well. On top of that, it has a nice accessibility so tourists do not need to spend much stamina and time to get to the location. What is more? Cilember has 7 levels!

The Nuance
Cilember Waterfall resides at the height of 800 meters above the sea level, so it features a refreshing and soothing atmosphere. As mentioned before, tourists may find 7 levels of waterfalls on site (which looks quite majestic). What is more? It is surrounded by bushes and green lush trees, which provide more comfort to the site. Even various sizes of stones scatter below the waterfall, creating a perfect background for photography. Not to mention the site features numerous facilities and accommodations, so tourists can easily get foods and drinks during the visit.

Exploring Cilember Waterfall
The most noticeable feature of the waterfall is none other than its multiple levels, named Cilember 1-7. The level one is located near to the entrance and the topmost is definitely the highest. The good news is that tourists are able to explore them all and get to the highest level after spending a short trekking. Even though tourists can take advantage of the available walking path, they must carefully walk on it as the surface is considered slippery. Moreover, the landscape becomes more difficult per level!

In order to get to the topmost of the level, it takes approximately 2-3 hours. As for the tips, tourists should only come during good weather and wear proper footwear for trekking. The purpose is to minimize the risk of getting slipped and to avoid the rain. If necessary, tourists should consider hiring a local guide in order to enhance the safety and efficacy of trekking. With his help, everyone is able to reach the top of the waterfall easily regardless of experience and age. As long as they are passionate about nature, they would enjoy it to their heart’s content.

The next important information is related to the characteristic of each waterfall level. The first level is short and has an elongated shape. The second level is taller and it has a wide shape. What about the third level? It is also quite wide but features more stones. Next, there is the 4th level featuring two waterfalls that unite at the bottom. The 5th level features a landscape of terraces and the 6th level is quite slanting. As for the 7th level, it is the tallest and features a slender water discharge!

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How to Get There
From Jakarta City, a trip to Cilember Waterfall takes approximately 1 hour and 44 minutes as the distance is 68.3 km. It can be faster, though, if tourists take Jagorawi Freeway to get to the location. First, they must reach Bogor City and head to Megamendung Sub-District. Next, they can simply ask the locals regarding the route to the falls (involving a short trekking as well).

Where to Stay

  • Bumi Ayah Villa
  • Ever Green Hotel
  • Bumi Ibu Villa
  • Aquarius Orange Villa
  • Diantie Villa

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