Cipeuteuy Waterfall in Tenjolaya Sub-District, Bogor City

Located in Tapos I Village of Bogor City, Cipeuteuy Waterfall completes the allure of tourism of the region. It belongs to Tenjolaya Sub-District and has been chosen as a nice alternative for family recreation. Aside from offering a comfortable nuance, it also becomes a perfect location for fun activities like taking a bath and swimming. Tourists also choose the location to conduct camping, too, in fact. What is more? Tourists are interested in visiting it as they can get to another nearby waterfall called Segitiga. Thus, they can enjoy two attractions at once without spending too much time and efforts.

The Nuance
The most noticeable allure of Cipeuteuy Waterfall is the presence of pine forest that surrounds the site. No wonder, the atmosphere is cool due to the presence of those majestic trees. The next characteristic is a short size, which is only about 5 meters. Despite the size, the waterfall offers crystal clear natural pond located below it. Even the water feels so refreshing! The best thing is that tourists are allowed to take a bath in it! They do not even need to spend money to do it.

Exploring Cipeuteuy Waterfall
Being one of the most recommended tourist attractions in Tenjolaya Sub-District, Cipeuteuy Waterfall has lots of visitors daily. Thanks to the management, the environment is clean and it features a nice facility for tourists to enjoy. This also explains why visitors should pay the ticket fee before entering the site. Here is the question. What can they do there? It is as simple as relaxation and family recreation. The presence of benches and several gazebos make it suitable for lessening, after all.

The next common reason why many people keep coming to Cipeuteuy Waterfall is due to its strategic location. The fact is that it resides near to other famous waterfalls including Cipangaleuhan, Luhur, Ciputri, and Nangka. Thus, within a day, tourists can explore them all and witness their beauty to their heart’s content. Moreover, it resides in the same area as Domas Historical Site! Knowing this fact, almost all visitors may spend more time to drop by to those tourist sites after visiting the waterfall.

What is more? Cipeuteuy Waterfall is also suitable for an outdoor activity like camping. It is because the site features a pine forest where tourists can build the tent and spend the night in nature. It doesn’t have to be a tent, as they can also use a hammock for sleeping. Have no worries. The camping ground is considered wide and the location is near to the entrance of the waterfall.

Nearby Attractions

  • Domas Historical Site
  • Hiji Waterfall
  • Leuwilalay Waterfall
  • Segitiga Waterfall

How to Get There
From Jakarta City in Indonesia, a trip to Cipeuteuy Waterfall may take about 1 hour and 29 minutes as the distance is 70.2 km. In this case, the best route to take is Jagorawi Freeway (which is considered the fastest). First, tourists should head to Bogor City. Next, they can take a local transportation service and head to Tenjolaya Sub-District. The last thing to do is to visit Tapos I Village and conduct trekking to the site.

Where to Stay

  • Nangka Hotel
  • De Salak Homestay
  • Bersama Hotel
  • Aryaduta Lido Hotel

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