Barong Waterfall in Babakan Madang Sub-District, Bogor City

All of natural attractions in Bogor City, waterfalls never fail to amuse travelers. Not to mention people can find many references to it including the one called Barong. This Indonesia’s waterfall is located in Karang Tengah Village and belongs to Sukamakmur Sub-District. Unlike others, this one is considered infamous due to the secluded location. Despite the fact, it has an incomparable beauty and pristine nuance. Also, it becomes a perfect location to enjoy trekking and exploration, especially for nature lovers. The good thing is that Barong resides in the same area as a famous tourist site called Leuwi Hejo, so it is quite reachable even for first-timers.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Barong Waterfall only has the height of 10 meters. Despite the size, it has a flawless beauty featuring crystal clear and refreshing water. No wonder, the best allure of the site is the natural pond located beneath the falls. The source of water comes from Cirangrang River, actually. When it comes to the nuance, the site is surrounded by trees and big stones. Not to mention tourists need to pass through various landscapes including local farms and trekking routes. From the parking area, in fact, tourists should undergo a trekking for about 40 minutes.

Exploring Barong Waterfall
The most common reason to visit Barong Waterfall is to enjoy the trekking experience, as it takes some efforts to get to the site. Once tourists park their vehicle at Karang Tengah Village, they need to undergo trekking for several minutes. It would be more convenient and efficient if they hire a local guide, though. The service is able to help them regarding the direction, information, and tips. Also, it is recommended to carry bottled water in order to avoid dehydration during trekking.

Once arriving at Barong Waterfall, tourists can rest for a while and enjoy the soothing nuance. It would be great if they carry a camera, so they can collect beautiful pictures while exploring the site. One thing, they must be careful when approaching the waterfall as the landscape is a little bit slippery. Another important tip is that tourists must come at the right time to avoid discomfort. In this case, rainy season is a bad choice for sure.

Due to the small size, Barong Waterfall doesn’t produce a significant water discharge though. Have no worries. The nuance has covered this weakness, so visitors won’t regret visiting the site. Perhaps, the best allure is the natural pond as it is the most beautiful feature of the waterfall! Plus, tourists are allowed to get in and swim in it!

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How to Get There
For those coming from Jakarta, their first destination is definitely Bogor City. Next, they only need to get to Babakan Madang Sub-District and reach Karang Tengah Village to park their vehicle. The last thing to do is to conduct a short trekking to the site for about several minutes. Well, the whole trip takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, as the distance is 57.9 km actually.

Where to Stay

  • BNR Hotel
  • Pakuan Hotel
  • Edensor Villa
  • Wargajaya 1 Hotel

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