Sempur Field (Lapangan Sempur) in Central Bogor, West Java Province

Those who live in Bogor City are indeed aware of the popularity of Sempur Field. In fact, it has become another important tourist site both for the locals and outsiders. As the name suggests, the field is located in Sempur Village and it belongs to Central Bogor Sub-District in Indonesia. Due to the serene nuance and a vast size, the field has been attracting more people over time. Visitors usually enjoy fun activities like sports, photography, hanging out, and waiting for the time to break the fast or “Ngabuburit”. It is because the time seems flying fast when enjoy fun activities in this field.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Sempur Field is indeed relaxing. Thanks to the presence of tall trees and green plants that surround the site. The atmosphere becomes shady and comfortable due to their presence. What is next? Visitors may find several tracks, used for numerous purposes like reflexology and walking. Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the field is the name signage, having a big size and featuring colorful lights. No wonder, the nuance becomes more beautiful at night due to those lights. On top of that, the field has numerous features like basketball field, a skate park, etc.

Exploring Sempur Field
Sempur Field becomes quite crowded in weekends and Sunday as the locals gather here in order to enjoy numerous activities. Many people are also seen there in the afternoon and at night, due to a more soothing nuance! So, what can visitors do there? It is as simple as sitting on the grass and conduct chatting with families or friends. The atmosphere makes this activity more comfortable to do, after all. The nuance even becomes merrier during the fasting month in the afternoon. It is because the locals want to spend the time to break the fast there.

The next common reason to visit Sempur Field is definitely to enjoy sports, especially jogging. In this case, the best time to visit the field is none other than in the morning when the atmosphere is fresher and more peaceful. Aside from jogging, visitors also enjoy other sports like basketball. Thanks to the presence of the basketball field. Those who like skateboarding can also satisfy their hobby on site, as the field also features a skate park.

Other popular activities that tourists often do are photography and taking selfies, especially among teenagers. In this case, the best background is definitely the signage (which is perfect to take selfies). What is more? Another interesting feature that tourists can see in Sempur Field is the presence of park rangers! They work diligently in order to take care of the environment and ensure the safety of visitors on site. 

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How to Get There
From Jakarta City, tourists may spend about 56 minutes to get to Sempur Field as the distance is 57 km. Their prime destination is definitely Bogor City. Next, they can visit Central Bogor Sub-District and head to Sempur Village (which is the home of Sempur Village). Have no worries. It is a short trip, and even becomes faster if tourists take Jagorawi Freeway to get there.

Where to Stay

  • Mirah Hotel
  • Semeru Hotel
  • Sofyan Inn
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  • Amaris Hotel

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