Batu Mountain in Sukamakmur Sub-District, Bogor City

Hiking or trekking is one of the most popular outdoor activities, isn’t it? One thing determines the value of this activity which is the location, for sure. As for the reference, there is Batu Mountain in Bogor City and it is suitable to enjoy such activity. The location is in Sukaharja Village and it belongs to Sukamakmur Jonggol Sub-District, actually. This Indonesia’s mountain is, without a doubt, suitable for trekking, sightseeing, and photography. It is going to be a perfect place for an adventure, especially for nature lovers!

The Nuance
When it comes to nuance, Batu Mountain features refreshing air and a flawless beauty of nature. It has the height of 875 meters above the sea levels and features an easy trekking route! That means everyone is able to enjoy hiking comfortably, including beginners and experienced trekkers. Once arriving at the top of the mountain, moreover, the panorama becomes better and the atmosphere turns more soothing! Have no worries. It takes only about 45 minutes to reach the top of the mountain, after all. What they need to consider is only the weather, which should avoid coming in rainy season.

Exploring Batu Mountain
The prime activity in Batu Mountain is definitely trekking. It is true the mountain is accessible for everyone, as long as they pay the entry fee beforehand. Have no worries. It includes the parking fee, so no additional expenses are required. Another consideration before visiting the site is related to the preparation. Tourists should prepare everything beforehand especially if they want to conduct trekking. These include comfortable footwear, a jacket, bottled water, snacks, etc. Hiring a porter or tour guide is optional though.

Aside from trekking, tourists can enjoy other fun activities in Batu Mountain. For example, it is sightseeing. Moreover, this can be done regardless of the time, as long as the weather is nice. As for the best times to enjoy sightseeing, it is none other than at dawn during the sunrise. Not only tourists are able to witness such splendid view of the sunrise, but they can also enjoy a more refreshing air and more peaceful nuance of the mountain. As for the tip, everyone should a camera and collect some good natural pictures there.

Another popular activity that tourists can do in Batu Mountain is none other than camping. However, it takes some effort to get to the best spot to build the tent. Also, tourists must have prepared the tent and other equipment beforehand.

Nearby Attractions

  • Batu Camping Ground
  • Harrow Canyon
  • Cilutung Waterfall

How to Get There
The distance between Jakarta City and Batu Mountain is 67.3 km, so it takes around 1 hour and 54 minutes to get to the location. First, tourists need to take any local transportation service and head to Bogor City right away. Next, they only need to get to Sukamakmur Sub-District and reach Sukaharja Village where the mountain resides. Here is the tip. Make sure to take Jagorawi Freeway to get there faster.

Where to Stay

  • Taman Gunung Batu Hotel
  • Wargajaya I Hotel
  • Puncak Hotel
  • Merry Villa

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