The Jungle Fest, Amusement Park in South Bogor Sub-District, West Java

Bogor City in is not only famous for its grand park, but also other attractions like the Jungle Fest. The location is in Mulyajharja Village and it resides in South Bogor Sub-District. That means it is located near to Bogor Jungle Adventure, which is also a famous recreation site of the region. So, what is it about? It is, as the name suggests, the biggest theme park of Bogor town and becomes a perfect location to spend a family recreation during holidays in Indonesia. On top of that, the site has an excellent accessibility so tourists can easily find the location without any help of tour guide.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, the Jungle Fest looks serene despite the big number of fun rides and the crowd. That doesn’t mean people would get bored when spending good times with families or friends. The ambiance feels homey too, as it applies a lifestyle concept. Not to mention the panorama looks amazing, especially the view of Indonesia’s mountain, Pangrangro and Salak Mountain in the horizon. This theme park has the total area of 5.5 hectares and has a nice service provided by the management.

Exploring the Jungle Fest 
This place is suitable for families with kids who want to spend their weekend and national holidays. According to the locals, the Jungle Fest Amusement Park has been there since 2013 and it is known among both locals and outsiders. For the best impression, it is recommended to come to the site at night. Why is that? This Indonesia’s amusement park becomes more beautiful due to colorful lights of the rides, which is suitable for photography.

What about the rides? Well, there are many of them including the fairground game. This one features airbags and it is suitable for kids or teenagers. What is more? The next popular fun ride is called the twilight wheel (rainbow ride). It has the height of 6 meters, so it is suitable for kids with the height of 110 cm. For adults, they can choose the spectrum wheel which is higher than the previous one. The height is 12 meters, so it offers more amusing scenery as well. Even the view of Salak Mountain can be seen clearly from it!

What is next? Visitors can also find a fun ride called the traffic light. This one is meant for kids, where they can play a game regarding traffic. Not to mention they can learn more about road signs there. Overall, this amusement park is suitable for everyone regardless of the age. Have no worries. As long as visitors obey the instructions, they can safely enjoy any fun rides there.

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How to Get There
A trip to the Jungle Fest may spend about an hour and 7 minutes from Jakarta City in Indonesia, as the distance is 60.2 km. For those who want to get there faster, they need to choose the best route which is Jagorawi Freeway. The first destination is Bogor City and tourists can get to South Bogor Sub-District afterwards. The last thing to do is to visit Mulyaharja Village where the amusement park resides.

Where to Stay

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